Vacy Public School

Friendship and Learning

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About our school

Vacy Public School serves the village of Vacy and surrounding areas in the Paterson and Allyn River valleys. The school exudes a strong sense of community and belonging that encourages the participation of the whole community in the activities of the school.

Through their progression from Kindergarten to Year Six at Vacy Public School, all students follow a learning program that will enable them to develop and achieve in the following areas: Intellectually progressing to the best of their ability in all areas, building upon existing skills with a love for continued learning; Socially developing a social responsibility with a positive attitude to others, participating effectively in co-operative and team pursuits; Emotionally becoming a stable and happy individual, well able to cope with life beyond school; Physically striving for their individual potential along a progression of skills and building an awareness and practice of a healthy, happy lifestyle; and Creatively expressing individuality through an awareness and appreciation of themselves, their experiences and the world around them.